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Ash longbow


Ash longbow suitable for historical, re-enactment, leisure archery, field and target shooting.

Tillered full compass and side nocked, for the historical look and feel. All bows include a bow string. Standard draw weights are measured at 28″ or the maximum draw length of the bow if different. Standard length of our longbows is 2m, unless otherwise specified.

Choose between basics and premium specification longbows:

Basics longbows

  • are made with the same quality materials; they have a basic finish of danish oil
  • have a maximum draw weight of 45#
  • have a maximum 28″ draw length (24″ for youth bows; the bow is 160cm long)
  • come with 3 month warranty and care guide as standard
  • have an optional upgrade pack available; this includes extended warranty to 6 months, a bow sock and a stringer
  • are self nocked as standard and offer horn nocks as an optional up grade only on the 41-45# bracket

Premium longbows

  • have a fine finish and come with a bow sock, 6 month warranty, care guide and stringer
  • have a recommended maximum draw length of 28″ as standard; longer draw lengths are available as a custom option
  • come with additional custom options
    • Acrylic nocks are excellent for creating a unique look, or if you prefer not to have animal products on your bow
    • Wood stain is also an excellent way to create a unique look; including Yew effect (darker belly with lighter back)

Please allow up to 6 weeks for custom made loveliness

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Select which finish you would like, this will display a choice of draw weights available
Premium (+£60.00)
15-20# youth
Just the bow please
Include upgrade pack please (+£36.00)
15-20# youth
46-50# (+£36.00)
51-55# (+£36.00)
Self nocked
Horn nocked (+£60.00)
Acrylic nocked (+£60.00)
Self nocked
Horn nocked (+£36.00)
Select this if you have higher than standard draw length
Select the required option
30" (+£48.00)
32" (+£96.00)
Select this if you want your bow stained
Product total
Options total
Grand total
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 204 × 4 × 4 cm

Basics, Premium

1 review for Ash longbow

  1. darrenockelton (verified owner)

    The craftsmanship and attention to detail on the bow produced for me by Quiverstock is exceptional. It was delivered in good time and in packaging that ensured it arrived in pristine condition. The printed advice is informative and simple to follow. And of course, the arrows leave the bow like an exocet missile.

    • Quiverstock Ltd

      Thank you for your valued feedback, we are glad you are enjoying it!

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