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Historical Archery

Quiverstock Ltd is one of the UK’s leading historical archery specialists. Our range includes our famous side knocked ash longbows, war bows, and crossbows for a range of periods. Our ash bows are hand made by our in-house bowyer, each one is lovingly tillered to get that optimal full compass curve that looks the part on the re-enactment field, even with a battlefield safe draw weight. We are also a main UK stockist of Mongolian and Scythian style horse bows, specially imported direct from the maker in Hungary.

Our own fletcher offers a range of arrows, quarrels and bolts to suit every bow, from re-enactment battlefield blunts, to hand planed authentically fletched historical reproductions for interpreters, warbow enthusiasts, film companies and museums alike.

Of course no archery shop is complete without a range of accessories, such as quivers, arm guards, gloves, finger tabs, spare strings, beeswax, arrow making materials and targets.

Historical Clothing & Padded Armour

Quiverstock Ltd is the UK’s leading manufacturer of quality gambesons, jacks and arming garments. We manufacture all our clothing in our UK based workshop and use only the best quality materials, such as pure linen and wool fabrics. Our historical range designs are inspired by historical references, it is important to us that historical interpreters, reenactors, film and TV companies get a garment that reflects the styles of the correct period for their needs.

Our quilted armour products such as gambesons, suspension liners, padded arming caps, mittens and lendeniers (leg harness suspension girdle) are made using a high quality batting containing a mix of clean cotton and bamboo fibres. As standard our padded armour is quilted by machine and has hand finished main seams, eyelets and buttons. Other arming clothing such as our arming doublet, which features the grande assiette sleeve first seen in Charles de Blois pourpoint, are also hand finished.

Our whole range is available to order entirely hand stitched for a higher level of historical authenticity. At Quiverstock whilst we do offer a range of stock sizes; which generally works well for small clothing, such as shirts, shifts, coifs and braies; we much prefer to make outer garments to measure for a better fit.

Historical Combat Sports


If you prefer something historically inspired but more sports orientated then you have come to the right place. The UK’s leading manufacturer of quilted armour designed specifically for bohurt sports combat, our range includes gambesons, padded hose (leg protection), mantles (neck protection), bespoke helm liners and combat tabards. Our designs have been developed from historical inspiration to fit with the ethos of the sport, but using modern durable, lightweight and easy-care fabrics.

We have worked with fighters from the main international organisations to ensure our kit is up to the demands of buhurt combat in the HMB, IMCF, BotN and ACL (to name but a few) competitions. As standard you get spine, shoulder, elbow and hip protection built-in to our gambesons, which are made-to-measure for you. We don’t stop there, are you a pro-fight specialist, we offer a bespoke range of quilted armour designed with you in mind, less padding and even easier movement.


For the Historical European Martial Artist our sports range also includes fencing jackets with a cut resistant outer shell, throat protection and wrap over front panel.

Historical Maille

At Quiverstock we are able to offer a full range of made to measure maille products for a variety of periods from Roman to late medieval. Our range includes hamata, hauberks, hauburgeons, chausses, sabatons, aventails, standards or pisanes, brayettes, voiders and our maille bolero. For when that one-size fits no-one job just won’t do; our in-house maille-smith also allows us to offer maille alteration, tailoring and repair services for your existing historical maille garments.

We also offer items from our padded armour range with maille finish, such as the XIII century ventail coif, or padded mittens.


Quiverstock Ltd is the UK’s leading manufacturer of quality gambesons, jacks and arming garments. We manufacture all our clothing in our UK based workshop and use only the best quality materials for the job. Our LARP range is designed with practicality in mind, it is important to us that live action role players get an item that is suitable for their needs.

We are happy to quote for commissions for that special unique garment that your character needs. Not only for padded armour but clothing in general, from cloaks and hoods to tunics and shirts.

The same attention is given to our LARP missiles range; bows, crossbows, arrows, bolts and accessories.