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Award winning historical archery specialists. Our famous ash bows are hand made by our in-house bowyer, each one is lovingly tillered to get that optimal full compass curve that looks the part on the re-enactment field, even with a battlefield safe draw weight. We are also a main UK stockist of Mongolian and Scythian style horse bows, specially imported direct from the maker in Hungary.

Our fletcher offers a range of arrows, quarrels and bolts to suit traditional bows; from re-enactment battlefield blunts, to authentically fletched historical reproductions for interpreters, warbow enthusiasts, film companies and museums alike.

Our shop also stocks a range of archery accessories, such as arrow bags, quivers, arm guards, gloves, finger tabs and bow strings. Also a range of materials including POC and ash shafts, historical forged arrow heads and modern piles, full length feathers and fletching adhesive, string making materials, plus beeswax and rabbit hide glue.

We support the Mary Rose Trust with a range of reproduction items based on finds from the ship.

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