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About us

We are recognised and award winning

Re-enactment Equipment Manufacturer of the Year 2022/23

Our history

Quiverstock was established in 2014, and incorporated as a private limited company on 1 June 2018. The business is owned by Julie Hastings and run by both herself and her co-director Bart Potrzebny. Both Julie and Bart are keen archers and members of both viking and later medieval reenactment societies.

Early expansion saw the addition of quality gambesons, padding, clothing and accessories for a range of historical periods. Now enhanced with a full embroidery service for custom manufactured items, as well as a full range of modern apparel for work and casual wear.

Increased production requirements brought the need for better premises; the business relocated to central Scotland in January 2022. In April 2024 Quiverstock was accepted into The Guild of Master Craftsmen.

The business continues to grow from strength to strength through the passion to provide the best service and quality possible.

Green, long sleeve, long dress, buttoned at the front

Why choose us

Quiverstock is the UK’s leading manufacturer of quality gambesons and arming garments. Our range of historical longbows and archery products is widely known for it’s superior quality. We have won awards for both.

Armpit protection and skirt, made of metal interlinked rings on fabric, placed on a person wearing green doublet and red hose

Julie is a traditional fletcher, whose love of archery and history combined with many years experience as a reenactor provided the initial platform for the business. She has a love of tailoring and sewing, with over 20 years experience making bespoke garments. This has grown into a passion for historical tailoring.

Later joined by Bart with his skills as a bowyer, maillesmith and leather worker, along with experience of both reenactment and medieval armoured combat sport.

Quiverstock’s aim is to provide quality, researched, hand crafted items for re-enactors, museums, live action role play enthusiasts, traditional archers and TV and film producers.

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