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Longsword jacket


Longsword style padded jacket designed for full contact Historical European Martial Arts and Historical Martial Combat. Optimised for movement, protection, ventilation and less weight.


  • Machine washable fabrics
  • Double breasted style with heavy duty zip and hook & loop closure
  • Vented for ease of movement at the hip, even at full lunge
  • Coolmax™ lining, for wicking and breathability
  • Lightweight effective padding, double layers in key areas (ribs, hips, shoulders and elbows)
  • Cordura™ lined blade catcher
  • Eyelets for ventilation in centre back panel, (optional under arms)
  • Cordura™ abrasion resistant reinforcement on key impact areas
  • Adjustable waist belts, internal and external
  • Adjustable back of collar, allows for wearing mask bib inside or outside collar
  • Elasticated panel in wrists for best fit and comfort
  • Mounting points for external shoulder and elbow protection
  • Options for personalisation
  • Average weight 1.75kg

Made to order, allow 16 weeks for shipment of custom garments.

Custom options:

  • Custom main and secondary fabric colours
  • Made to measure, including ladies fit
  • Embroidery on centre chest, lower centre back, upper and lower sleeves

Optional effective, lightweight, removable armour set. Includes addition of internal pockets to accommodate the following amour panels:

  • Chest
  • Throat
  • Upper arms
  • Lower arms
  • Collar bones/top of shoulders
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Dimensions 45 × 30 × 9 cm

1 review for Longsword jacket

  1. Fred Hopkins (verified owner)

    Serious kit for serious swordsfolk.
    This is a HEMA/HMC armour system specifically designed with longsword in mind. In short, it is light, comfortable, highly flexible and maneuverable and features an integral armour plating system for added protection.
    This armoured jacket is a joy to wear and fight in. It feels safe, light and hard wearing. It moves better and breathes easier than anything else I have used. It is striking and frankly intimidating to face and because it’s been designed with the input of swordsmen, it works like nothing else on the market.

    Where to begin?
    The first thing you will notice is the striking appearance. The jacket comes in a range of colours. There are a series of black panels made of highly resistant Cordura™, these are tough, hard wearing and stylish with contrasting coloured stitching. The main body of the jacket comes in a colour of your choice. Mine is in my club’s livery of red and black, it’s striking and bold. On top of that there is the option of having customised embroidery on the jacket as well, so if you want your club’s emblem, your own coat of arms or a motto on the jacket, you can have it!
    Then you pick it up and notice the second difference, weight:
    Because it uses modern materials it weighs about half as much as other jackets on the market, and that’s with the armour panels inserted.
    Trying it on, you discover the next major advantage, the maneuverability. Because of the cut of the material and the materials at play, the range of motion across the shoulders is phenomenal, unlike other jackets which can be a struggle to put on or take off, it moves easily. Next you discover the fitting belts, one internal and one external, these cinch the waist and help the jacket feel snug and even more secure. In addition, the cuffs feature Velcro straps to tighten the fit at the wrist, ensuring a better fit for your gauntlets and a snug feel. This does not affect the motion or flexibility of your arms in the slightest.
    The jacket seals with both a zip and Velcro in a double-breasted panel which houses the chestplate. The placement of these and the tabs attached mean you don’t loose motion or risk the zip unfastening or damaging a synthetic blade in combat. On top of that it’s easy to open up, even in gauntlets.
    Movement and sparring:
    Using my former jacket, I would overheat horrendously. It would be common for me to finish a ten-minute bout and literally be dripping. This jacket, being designed specifically with combat in mind, breathes. Reinforced eyelets at strategic locations not only allow passive airflow but actively pump cool air in while you move through a bellows effect once the system is closed up for combat. In short, it lets you move, keeps you safe and lets you breathe better than anything else I have yet used.
    A final note on mobility:
    As I have mentioned, the jacket has been designed with longsword in mind. What this means is that the range of motion allowed in the system from the arm and shoulder is incredible. You will not be fighting for reach when raising your arms in higher guard positions, nor will you find the system riding up as you perform strikes. The jacket sits where it is supposed to. The longer tail to the jacket covers to the mid-thigh and has plating and reinforced padding throughout.
    There are two choices: off the peg or made-to-measure.
    Frankly, I would recommend the made-to-measure, I’m fairly tall and have always struggled with the sleeve length of shirts, coats etc. never mind armour. Being tailored to my height and reach just makes it. Knowing the built quality and having worn mine I’d be confident in the off the peg sizes as well, but the tailored fit is such a game-changer and it gives an extra edge to an already sharp system
    For lighter sparring or to keep the maximum range of motion you can sit your mask over the built in gorget. The gorget itself features fitted armour plate, a built-in blade catcher and a Velcro tab at the rear of the collar for ease of fitting comfort.
    A word on what we call, Tank mode:
    My preferred way of using it is to sit your mask’s gorget and bib behind the built in gorget and blade catcher. Once you have done that then your mask overlay sits on top of it all. Doing this basically removes your ability to turn your mask with your head but gives unparalleled protection from throat strikes and utterly removes the risk of a blade sliding under your mask’s bib and into you. I have taken strikes to the throat in Tank mode and not felt a thing.
    On the note of protection, the plating in play is both intuitive and as high tech as the rest of the system. Constructed from fitted and resistant foam plates that sit in easy to access and seal pockets within the jacket itself. Make no mistake, these plates are TOUGH. I have taken heavy blows and walked away with no damage. In testing we subjected the plates to full tilt blows from steel weapons. While they left a couple of dents there was no catastrophic damage or breakthrough. And the great thing is that should a plate degrade over time, they are replaceable.
    In addition to the integral plate there’s also Velcro fixtures for pauldrons and elbow cops to give your arm full protection from shoulder to wrist (or fingertip once your gauntlet is on). Between these additional pieces and the integral plates, the jacket functions more as a suit of plate than a jacket.

    • Quiverstock Ltd

      Thank you for your in-depth review, it is much appreciated.

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