Buhurt Equipment

If you prefer something historically inspired but more sports orientated then you have come to the right place. The UK’s leading manufacturer of quilted armour designed specifically for buhurt sports combat, our range includes gambesons, padded hose (leg protection), mantles (neck protection), bespoke helm liners and combat tabards. Our designs have been developed from historical inspiration to fit with the ethos of the sport, but using modern durable, lightweight and easy-care fabrics.

We have worked with fighters from the main international organisations to ensure our kit is up to the demands of buhurt combat in the HMB, IMCF, BotN and ACL (to name but a few) competitions. As standard you get spine, shoulder, elbow and hip protection built-in to our gambesons, which are made-to-measure for you. We don’t stop there, are you a pro-fight specialist, we offer a bespoke range of quilted armour designed with you in mind, less padding and even easier movement.

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