Standard Size Guide

Natural Waist82cm92cm102cm112cm122cm
Sleeve length60cm64cm65cm67cm67cm
Head circumference56cm57/58cm59/60cm61/62cm61/62cm

Made to Measure

You can book a fitting appointment if you would prefer to have your measurements taken by us. Use the Book an appointment tool on this page.

Alternatively please follow the guidance below.

Deluxe Gambesons & Historical Clothing

If you wish to order any made-to-measure clothing please print and complete the appropriate measurement chart(s) for the garments. We recommend you measure over the clothing that you plan to wear with the garment.

For upper body garments we need the whole of page 1; for all other items of clothing please ensure you complete the measurement chart fully on both pages to ensure we have all the information required.

NB: Where indicated arm measurements should be taken with the arm bent, around the outside of the elbow.

Here is an video guide we encourage using this for best results.

Then attach during the order process, or by email in reply to your order confirmation. Please remembering to include your signature in the declaration panel.

Mittens, Helm Liners & Arming Caps

If you wish to order made-to-measure mittens, helmet liner or arming cap please print and complete the relevant section(s) of the Head & Hands Measurement Chart below.

NB: For mittens it is important to include a drawing taken around your hand on a clean piece of paper, with the position of your knuckles marked around the outside.

Then email to us, remembering to include your order number at the top and signature in the declaration panel.